Artists Statement

Artist’s Statement and Biography

Karla works in kiln-formed and stained glass.  Her favorite creations are typically larger functional bowls, light fixtures or display pieces.  She specializes in the wire melt technique, which produces wonderful, organic swirls of color and light. Below is her artist’s statement and a biography of her art life.

Artist’s StatementKarla K Rodgers

I don’t think of my art as representing abstract concepts.  For me, functionality is part of the attractiveness of a piece.  For this reason, I am particularly drawn to work in fused glass, where the mechanical and artistic properties of the material can provide both beauty and utility.

I am a lover of jigsaw puzzles.  When I look at a piece of raw glass, I often see it as a piece of an unknown puzzle.  The glass gives me clues, ideas, to where it belongs – that is, what other colors, patterns and shapes should be tied to it?    Many projects are inspired by what one piece of glass reveals to me in this way.

I see every project as a way to start anew.  I strive for each piece to be unique and complete in itself.   At the same time, I know that each piece is a step in further learning – I love trying a new technique on a small piece and then letting that experience inspire a follow-on project that combines the new with what I’ve already mastered.


Karla is a founder and principal artist of Renegade Art Glass in Lexington, Virginia.

A native of Colorado, Karla has over 20 years of experience working in glass.

1991     Completed courses in stained glass, became a prolific hobbyist.

1998     Began teaching stained glass.

2002     Started as an artist at Abraxis Art Glass and Door, Fort Collins Colorado.  Took on sales and supervisory roles as well.

2006     Took first classes in Fused Glass in Las Vegas, Nevada.

2010     Created Renegade Art Glass in Austin, Texas.

2012     Moved Renegade Art Glass to Lexington Virginia.

2019     Moved Renegade Art Glass to Virginia Beach Virginia.

Karla’s work has found homes in at least fifteen U.S states and countries in both Europe and Asia.

Her work is currently available in our online store as well as other galleries.  An updated list of locations is on the Find Our Work page.