Our Services

At Renegade Art Glass, we provide many related art glass services – we can custom design stained glass and fused glass to your taste, build and install it.   The list below describes each of our services in detail.

Custom Stained and Fused Glass

A major part of our business is in creating commissioned or ‘built to order’ works for our customers.  Karla can design to your needs:  whether you want her to imagine from scratch or you have a design you’d like her to put into glass.

Do you like the shape and size of something in our fused glass gallery, but the color doesn’t match your decor?  Karla can recreate the piece in a style to match yours at a reasonable cost.

With over 20 years experience in stained glass, we can work with you to fit not only your decor, but also to meet your budget and timeline. Karla loves working directly with each client to pull out  ideas, criteria and aspirations for a project.  She can then recommend the glass types and techniques that will give the perfect result.

Please contact us if you’d like to have an introductory conversation about your custom project. You can also take a look at our Custom Glass Art pages for more details.


We offer a variety of installation services for custom glass projects:

Triple Glazing:  We can sandwich a stained glass window between two pieces of clear glass, with a sealed spacer around the edges.  The result becomes an insulated glass unit (IGU), equivalent to modern double-pane windows.  Protected this way the the stained glass is easy to clean, extremely durable and a very good insulator for exterior windows and doors.

Doors and Windows:  We can install your stained glass over existing window spaces or replace existing glass units.  Situations can vary, so we would be happy to consult with you on how to install your glass in your home or business.

Light Fixtures:  We offer a variety of fused glass pendant and sconce light fixtures.   If you are replacing an existing fixture we can remove and install the new piece for you.  We can also work with your contractors to provide the right mounting and electrical supply for your light.


We can often repair existing stained glass objects, including replacing missing or broken pieces with matching glass.  We charge reasonable cost of  time and materials.  Contact us to discuss your repair.

Design Only

Even if you make your own stained glass works, we can help with the design, visualization and pattern making process:

Pattern Design:  We make use of computer aided design (CAD) software for pattern design.  We have two popular CAD programs:  Glass Eye 2000 and Rapid Resizer.  We can take a photo, sketch or other media and create a detailed pattern to the exact dimensions you desire.  We can give you the completed design in many CAD or image formats.

Full Scale Pattern Printing:  The Renegade studio is outfitted with a Hewlett Packard large format printer that can produce full sized stained glass patterns up to 42 inches wide by 50 feet long.  You won’t have to tape together multiple sheets of paper, or deal with inaccurate enlargements from a local copy shop. You can email your completed design to us and you’ll get back a precise pattern.

Project Preview Print: Additionally,  we can create a full size and full color “visualization plot” of your window.   Each individual piece will have the color and texture of the finished product, giving you an accurate representation of your finished project.  This can be on paper, but we can even produce the visualization plot on transparent media for the most realistic simulation possible.

Contact us for an cost and lead time estimate for your design or pattern printing project.