Art Glass Techniques

At Renegade, we create in stained and fused glass (or kiln-formed glass) and we etch glass. See the articles in this section for details about each of these fascinating methods of creating in glass.

Glass Art Techniques: Stained Glass

Stained Glass

We build leaded stained glass in all sizes and types – from cabinet door inserts to cathedral entry sets.  This involves shaping glass pieces to fit together on a pattern.   Lead “came”, solder and cement is used to hold the pieces in place.  We can do a piece in any size necessary. Learn more >


Fused GlassGlass Art Techniques: Fused Glass

The fused glass process is used to create many different  glass objects.  In this multi-step process, glass pieces are heated to their melting point to “fuse” them together.  Some pieces are then shaped by heating again to form them into a mold.  The result is always a unique piece of art. Learn more >


Etched GlassGlass Art Techniques: Etched Glass

Etched glass can be incorporated into both stained and fused glasswork.   It can be used to alter the shape or texture of clear or colored glass.  At Renegade, we use a sand blasting process to put patterns permanently on glass pieces. Learn more >