Small Pendant Shades

Small Pendant Shades

The products below are all light shades that work with many commercial “off the shelf” light fixtures. There are two styles: “Draped” shades, and “Multi Leaf” shades.

Draped shades are made by kiln heating a single glass blank that has been placed on top of a mold. The result is a wavy conical shape. These shades are drilled for mounting to your fixture.

Our “multi-leaf pendant light shades” were built using our own “Small Pendant Shade Kit” – which we developed to allow more creativity in our lighting designs.  Each “leaf” of the shade is hung from our custom bracket which allows attachment to many ceiling and wall mounted fixtures.

The light fixtures shown below are those currently in Renegade stock.   However, we design many of these for individual customers, so contact us if you’d like a specific color, shape or size!

You can also look at our portfolio page to see other examples of shades that we don’t currently have in stock.

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