Sconce 1800

This 1800 brand tequila decanter makes a great wall sconce.

We wanted to have this sconce include the original glass stopper. So we attached the backplate to the bottle through the neck and the body of the bottle. It looks really nice on our customer’s lovely porch.

All Renegade upcycled bottle lights are built for lasting beauty: Rather than cut off the entire bottom of the Patron bottle, we use a diamond drill to cut a 4″ diameter hole in the bottom. This preserves both the beauty and the strength of the bottle by leaving the bottom rim intact. We also use a proprietary annealing process on every bottle to prevent cracking and allow it to withstand the temperature extremes of any bulb type.

Size:  Uses the large (1.75 liter) 1800 brand tequila bottle; 10″ tall, 6″ in diameter.

Weight:  Approximately 4 lb.

Light Fixture:  Made with 1 medium base bulb socket, brass backplate and mounting piping.  All electrical components are UL approved.