Draped Light Shades

Our "draped" shades are made in a traditional kiln formed process.

The kiln forming process known as draping is the traditional fused glass artist’s main way of creating a light shade.

In this process, a fused blank is set in the kiln on a stainless steel mold and the glass heated enough so that it folds down around the mold. The artist designs the blank – choosing the colors and the outline, but physics creates the shape. The waves and folds are randomly made. No two shades are ever the same.

We’ve made them large and small and in many colors. We’d love to create some for you.  Contact us, or see our online shop for those we have available now.

Form:  Draped light shade – can be made with blanks using many fusing techniques.

Technique:  Double layer fused glass blank draped over stainless steel mold  and drilled for mounting on a fixture.

Size:   Blank can be round, or other shape, but basic diameter varies from 10″ to 20″, resulting in a height from 6″ to 12″.