Small Pendant Shades

We've created some great small pendants with our own Small Pendant Shade Kits.

When we began creating Renegade lighting, we recognized that there was really only one style of small pendant light shade that fused glass artists could create.  So we set about developing a way to expand the options.

The result was our Small Pendant Shade Kit.  It allows Karla to create a huge variety of light shade forms with a simple sheetmetal bracket to connect to standard light fixtures.

It has been great fun to see what she’s created.  Our customers love them.  We’ve installed many, and they are as varied as we could have imagined.

We’d love to create some for you.  Contact us, or see our online shop for those we have available now.

Form:  Renegade pendant light shade – can be made with 2, 3, 4 or 8 “leaves” of glass.

Technique:  Single or double layer fused glass – flat or slumped and drilled for mounting hardware.

Size:  Basic diameter is 4″ inside of the glass,  height can be anything desired.