• Spectrum In Motion

    Spectrum In Motion

    Like a liquid rainbow, this piece captures color in motion.

  • The Observer

    One of this customer's favorite birds is now in a position to keep watch.

  • Force Field

    This green yellow and vanilla tray has flowing lines reminiscent of a magnetic force field.

  • Peacock

    This set, created by Jaci Dickerson, reminds us of the feathers of the peacock, in closeup view.

  • Campi Che Scorre

    Like long grass in a breeze, this wire melt bowl appears to flow in many shades of green.

  • Cartouche

    The dark iridized colors and the sand carved design create mystery in this beautiful tray.

  • Young Planet

    The warm dark colors bubble and flow like the lava surface of a new planet...

  • Pink Lemonade

    A pink-themed wire melt, made into a shallow 10" square dish.

  • Cliffside

    A black granite cliff in the clouds...

  • Grandparents’ Trays

    A Play Date project with a twist. Young kids decorate glass tiles, Karla fuses them into a great gift.

  • Pleasant Memories

    Pleasant Memories

    If any piece could be called restful, this one gives us that feel...

  • Dark Matter

    The swirls of color fill this piece with mysterious depths.