Upcycled Light Fixtures

Our love for glass and lighting has led us to create many unique light fixtures with upcycled and repurposed materials.

All Renegade upcycled bottle lights are built for lasting beauty: Where possible, we drill large holes in the in the bottom of bottles rather than cut them off. This preserves both the beauty and the strength of the bottle by leaving the bottom rim intact. We also use a proprietary annealing process on every bottle to prevent cracking and allow it to withstand the temperature extremes of any bulb type.

See our online store for a few upcycled fixtures that we stock, but we can also create something unique just for you – just contact us!

Sizes:  We have created light with many types and sizes of glass bottles and vases from 750 to 2000 ml in volume.

Weight:  Varies by type, up to 8 lb.

Light Fixture:  We use a variety of socket types, and recommend high efficiency LED bulbs.  All our electrical components are UL approved.