Trouble Light Sconce

An antique work light turned into a beautiful wall sconce!

Our customer brought us an antique trouble light, wanting to convert it for use as a wall sconce in a hallway. He wanted colors to match a framed photo to be lighted by the sconce.

The clamp of the trouble light was welded to an electrical box cover and a tube for connecting our shade. We replaced the electrical parts with new, but antique looking wire and socket. The LED Edison bulb completes its period look.

Karla created the shallow bowl shade using Bullseye Glass Company’s Steel Blue fusible glass.   This glass has a unique property: it changes color in the kiln depending on the presence of oxygen and temperature. By topping it with clear glass, the top stayed blue and the bottom “struck” to a steely gray, making a great two color reflector.

The fixture looks terrific and the colors match the antique car in the photograph.  We can’t wait to see it installed!

Renegade bowl style light shade installed on a reclaimed fixture.

Kiln formed shallow bowl, cold worked and slumped, drilled for center support.

12″ high x 10″ diameter,  4 lbs.