Wall Sconce Set in Red

These fiery wall sconces were created for a newly constructed home.

Wanted:  Four Custom Wall Sconces

Our customers needed a set of four wall sconces for their large living room.  They were in the final stages of construction of their new home, but had not yet found something that they really loved. They wanted something distinctive that would connect the room with the adjoining foyer and kitchen.   They are partial to red, and especially wanted to have something that would tie into a favorite rug patterned in a lot of red.

Unique and Beautiful Result

Karla worked with these inputs to create these beautiful wall sconces.  Each sconce shade is a custom “wire-melt” blend of six colors of glass – four reds (two transparent and two opaque shades), french vanilla and clear.

The wall sconce light fixture is also an original Renegade design.  The shade simply lifts off to change the 2 candelabra-type bulbs.  Our wall sconce fixture is designed to accept many different sizes and shapes of sconce shades.

Set of four Renegade cone-shaped wall sconce light fixture

Six color red wire melt; cold worked and slumped to shape. Mated with custom Renegade sconce light kit

10″ wide x 12″ high x 5″ deep